president's son Hunter Biden has explained his obsession with nude selfies as "body dysmorphia," the NYP reported, citing notes found on the hard drive of his laptop that Biden left in a Delaware computer store in April 2019.

“I loved to be reassured that my 9-inch very big penis was actually big. It may sound funny to you but its [sic] body dysmorphia … I know my penis is almost twice the size of an average man’s penis,” he wrote on July 12, 2018. The note was found in the hard drive of a laptop Biden left at a Delaware computer store in April 2019.

In addition to his network of shady foreign business dealings, one of the most recurring and recurring themes in the abandoned laptop is domestic pornography, nude selfies, drug use, and selfies showing his sexual arousal.

Just a day after writing the note, Hunter Biden posted a series of photos of him having sex with an unnamed woman.

According to the Mayo Clinic, body dysmorphic disorder is a condition in which the sufferer fixates on perceived defects in their appearance.

“It sounds like it’s an overcompensation. In the past [Hunter] may have felt there was something lacking and it seems like he bases a lot of his internalized value with his penis,” Alyson Cohen, a New York City-based psychotherapist who has treated clients with the disorder told The Post.