For about nine months, modular checkpoints have been installed on the Meghri-Agarak road, where Russian border guards carry out service in accordance with the Law on State Border. Bagrat Zakaryan, the Mayor of Meghri, Armenia, told Armenian about this—but without mentioning the reasons for the installation of these checkpoints.

"The service of Russian border guards is carried out on the basis of documents signed jointly by Armenia and Russia. There are border crossings in that border zone; the importance of the Russian border guard troops is for that," added the mayor of Meghri.

According to him, this means that people traveling along the aforesaid road should have their passports with them, so that they can show them to the Russian border guards if necessary, only after that they can pass the checkpoint.

As per Zakaryan, the Russian border guards at the modular checkpoints on the Meghri-Agarak road do not inspect people every time, but there are cases when the passage of people is stopped for more than an hour, which, of course, angers the local residents.