Relatives of Shirak captives are dissatisfied with the government's work on the return of prisoners.

"My brother was sentenced to 6 years in prison in Azerbaijan, he has been in captivity for one year and 8 months. The government tells the same story every time, everyone extends the term, none of them shows any humane attitude, we sit in front of the government building since morning, at least they don't come close, they ask what they can do for us," said one of the prisoners brother of Arkady Hovhannisyan during a conversation with journalists.

Relatives of the prisoners have been regularly staging sit-ins in front of the government building for the last 1.8 years, meeting with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and demanding to accelerate the return of their sons. Relatives of the prisoners also held rallies outside the Russian Embassy in Armenia.

Relatives of Armenian servicemen in captivity call every 40 days through the mediation of the Red Cross. Relatives of the prisoners are in a hopeless situation, they do not know which organization to turn to in order to release their children from Baku prisons.

"If the head of our country doesn't want to receive us or has nothing to say, who do we ask for our child? They force us to resort to extreme measures, as far as possible, we wait a year, eight months, their children are with them, and they send us to one institution or another," said a relative of one of the captives. .

Former Armenian Foreign Minister Raffi Hovannisian visited relatives of the prisoners. He said Armenia's diplomatic office should state that Armenia will not take any steps in the negotiation process until Baku has fulfilled its obligations under the November 9 statement it signed.

After the 44-day war, the Khtsaberd community of Hadrut region was under Armenian control, but on December 12 Azerbaijan launched an offensive towards Hin Tagher and Khtsaberd communities and captured 62 Armenian servicemen from Shirak region. Only 32 of the 62 captives were returned to Armenia during this period.

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