The hearing in the case of Arsen Mirijanyan will continue Tuesday at a Yerevan court. His attorney Ruben Melikyan informed about this on Facebook.

"Let me remind that the peculiarity of this case is that the prosecutor's office has invented a new crime not provided for by the criminal code—that is, ‘forcing the prime minister’—, and inculpated it on my client. According to the accusation, my client ‘forced’ the prime minister [Nikol Pashinyan] to resign for the heavy defeat we suffered because of him in the 44-day [Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh)] war [in the fall of 2020].

Arsen Mirijanyan, a resident of Moscow, sent large-scale aid to the Motherland throughout the war and after it, and now he is being tried under Article 301.1 [of the Criminal Code] for ‘forcing’ the number one person responsible for the defeat to resign.

Today, Arsen will testify, and probably the ‘court arguments’ will begin.

It will be interesting, and the [court] session is open", Melikyan added.