With such methods, the opposition will not achieve a change of power in Armenia. Armine Adibekyan, an expert on Azerbaijan affairs, told this to a press conference Tuesday.

"If the [Armenian] opposition thinks that on September 2 the people will assemble with the slogan ‘Death to [PM] Nikol [Pashinyan]’ and the situation will change, then they are wrong. There is no change of power with such methods. If they know it, but don't do [it], then I can't say anything good about them," said Adibekyan.

She explained that in order to change the power, it is necessary to invest resources and invite specialists.

"People should be motivated to take action, and that motivation is formed as a result of correct, targeted work. The slogans of Paphos are of little interest to anyone. Area specialists should deal with these matters," the analyst emphasized.

Adibekyan is convinced that come September, the Armenian authorities will start a new round of repression.

The Armenian opposition plans to hold a rally on September 2, the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Independence Day anniversary.