Public and political activist Avetik Chalabyan said in the courtroom today, August 10, that the verdict in his case has been accepted and is stored on one of the shelves in court.

"Emma Sargsyan and I are accused of the same thing, but from the first day the attitude of the preliminary investigation body towards me and Emma Sargsyan is asymmetrical. In relation to Emma Sargsyan a preventive measure was chosen in the form of written undertaking not to leave the country, and in relation to me the most brutal measure - arrest," said Chalabyan.

According to Avetik Chalabyan, according to the prepared verdict, Emma Sargsyan will receive the mildest punishment, a fine, while he will receive the heaviest punishment, in the form of imprisonment for three years.

"This is not a trial against Emma Sargsyan and Avetik Chalabyan, but the trial of Nikol Pashinyan vs. Emma Sargsyan is an accidental person in this case. Therefore, I propose to drop the charges against Emma Sargsyan. Let's take into account that Emma Sargsyan is a single mother with a child with health problems. Emma Sargsyan, like me, has done nothing. But you are judging me for something else," Avetik Chalabyan said.