The next fifth meeting on the normalization of relations between Armenia and Turkey is planned to be held in the city of Kars, which borders with Armenia. This was reported by Turkish website Ulusal kanal, citing an anonymous source at the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

According to an anonymous source, a meeting of Armenian and Turkish special envoys is expected to be held in Kars, where heads of the Ministries of Economy, Communication and Telecommunication and Foreign Affairs of the two countries will also take part.

It is noted that the Turkish side has already inspected the 180-kilometer stretch of the Armenian-Turkish border and found it necessary to technically examine the bridge over the Araks River between Armenia and Turkey.

"The ruins of Ani have also been studied, including the possibility of repairing the famous Silk Road bridge located on the Akhuryan River, which will be an important step to increase trust between the two countries," an anonymous Turkish Foreign Ministry source told Ulusal kanal.