The Russian Federation has created a combat robot for action in the most dangerous areas and in the city, Vladimir Artyakov, first deputy head of Rostec State Corporation, told RIA Novosti in an interview on the eve of the international military and technical forum Army.

According to him, the combat robot is created on the basis of BMP-3 with Sinitsa combat module. The machine operates without a crew - the functions of the mechanic-driver and shooter in it are robotized.

The features of the machine allow it to be used in the most dangerous areas. For example, the robotic complex can fight in a complex urban area or lead a combat column, Artyakov said.

The vehicle can also be used for fire support of motorized rifle units.

According to the first deputy head of Rostec, the unmanned BMP-3 has a modern and efficient weapon system: A 30-millimeter automatic gun, a 7.62 millimeter machine gun and a 100-millimeter gun, which can also be used as an ATGM launcher.

The Sinitsa combat module sees the terrain in 360 degrees at any time of the day. It is equipped with an ATGM loading mechanism and an automated digital fire control system. The fighting vehicle can be controlled remotely - with the help of a wearable remote control or a remote control center, said Artyakov.

He specified that the new combat robot is a joint project of the Kurgan Machine Building Plant and VNII Signal of the High Precision Systems holding.