As long as the country is ruled by the occupation gang, which pursues the goal of beheading all forces, we will not have democracy. This was stated by Aspram Krpeyan, an opposition MP of Armenia, during a discussion on Friday.

According to her, not a classical opposition-authorities’ relation has been established in Armenia, but rather a fight is being waged against the criminal gang that has occupied the Armenian state and is advancing the Turkish agenda.

"Under these circumstances, it is naive to expect any active response from the international community, an active response from the ‘civil society’ serving the interests of the criminal gang. We have no such expectations. During this time, we have become witnesses of lustration, we have clearly seen who the true supporter of democracy and human rights is, and who has been promoting just fake democracy for a long time," Krpeyan emphasized.

The opposition lawmaker noted that there cannot be a true democratic system in the country without a stable security mechanism, and that it is only under these conditions that it is possible to form the necessary environment for the development of democracy.

She expressed confidence that all legal mechanisms should be used.

"The parliamentary opposition submitted 14 petitions to the Constitutional Court during this period," Krpeyan recalled.