German Chancellor Olaf Scholz believes that while there is room for debate at the European level about banning visas for Russian tourists, it is important not to make it harder for "Kremlin opponents" to leave Russia.

"It is important to us to understand that there are a lot of people fleeing from Russia because they are disagreeing with the Russian regime," he said after a meeting with Nordic leaders in Oslo. "All the decisions we make (within the EU) should not make it more complicated to go for freedom, to leave the country," he added.

Asked whether the topic could affect EU unity, the German chancellor said individual countries, as always, can make their own decisions. According to him, unity is already proven by the fact that the EU has imposed tough sanctions against Russia. "This is not the war of the Russian people. It is (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s war and we have to be very clear on that topic."

Meanwhile, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, also present at the meeting, continued to insist on the need to ban Russians from entering Europe. According to her, although the wars are not Russian people, it must be stated that they support the war. 

It's not right that Russians can travel and come to the Schengen area to see the sights while Russia is killing people in Ukraine. It's not right, Marin said.

She noted that this issue needs to be discussed in the EU and among Schengen countries.