EMERCOM spokesman Hayk Kostanyan denied information that a pregnant woman and her son, believed to be missing after the explosion at the Surmalu shopping center, had been found.

"There has been news circulating in the news for some time about the discovery of a missing pregnant woman and her son, which unfortunately is false.

Once again, we urge you to follow the information provided by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, not to succumb to emotions, no matter how much we would like to hear encouraging news.

I ask colleagues and journalists to share information only after multilateral verification and official confirmation.

P.S. Work is continuing without interruption," he wrote on his Facebook page.

An explosion at the mall Surmalu yesterday killed 7 people, 21 citizens are missing. About 350 rescuers are involved in the search, and they are assisted by about 150 volunteers. The total number of victims is 61 people. 13 of the victims continue to be treated in various hospitals, their health status is assessed as satisfactory. The other hospitalized patients have been discharged.