Search and rescue work on the territory of the Surmalu shopping center, where voices have been heard recently, continues, but unfortunately, there are no results yet, first Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Artyush Grigoryan told this to journalists.

When asked about the possibility that people trapped under the rubble may survive, he noted that the probability is low, "but let's hope that this will happen.

According to him, rescue efforts are hampered primarily by the presence of the burnt-out building, and the Emergencies Ministry is conducting rescue work on all sides of the premises, assuming that there may be people inside. "But since the building could collapse at any moment, it causes certain difficulties. At the same time, the whole area is piled with rubble, reinforced concrete structures, it is quite difficult to move around, you need to use heavier equipment there so that the work is more intensive, but at the same time you understand that there may be people under the rubble, which causes certain subtleties and difficulties. So along with heavy equipment, we also work with our hands," he said.

When asked whether there is a need to ask for help from other countries, the Deputy Minister gave a negative answer, noting that the resources of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are sufficient.

Grigoryan also said that volunteers are engaged in rescue operations, but they are avoided to be engaged in operations that require more professional skills because they could get hurt.

The deputy minister also found it difficult to say exactly how many days the work will last, noting that it will continue for several more days. "Tomorrow afternoon, we will have some idea of when we will be able to finish the rescue work."