The mayor of Venice is looking for two "pushy idiots" who raced down the Grand Canal on motorized surfboards.

One of the videos, which circulated widely on the Internet, was posted by Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro on Twitter. "Here are two pushy idiots making a mockery of this city," Brugnaro wrote. "I ask everyone to help us find and punish them." Brugnaro said he would "offer dinner" to anyone who helps find the duo.

The video was also posted on the Instagram account of Venezia Non è Disneyland (Venice is not Disneyland), a group created by young Venetians with the goal of bringing attention to visitors to the city.

The video, sparked widespread outrage. They should be expelled from Venice for life, mamma mia, one Instagram user wrote.

Venezia Non è Disneyland has been keeping a close eye on various violations. In late July, the group shared a video of a man jumping into the Grand Canal from a bridge, nearly hitting a passing boat.

Last week, Brugnaro demanded 10 days in jail for a 33-year-old Scottish tourist who was caught swimming in the canal.

In 2020, a French tourist was fined 150 euros for sailing along the Grand Canal on his surfboard, and two German women owe 250 euros for sunbathing in bikinis outside the St. Ste. church.