Ninety percent of the rubble clearing work has been completed at the Surmalu shopping market explosion site in Yerevan. Davit Hambaryan, Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations of Armenia, told Armenian about this on Thursday morning.

"We are now focused solely on rescue work. There is a section adjacent to the standing section where there is still rubble. It is likely that the citizen being searched for is there. After doing the rest, too, we will record that there remains the issue of the building, which does not need an urgent accident recovery work, and therefore, it will not be done only by MES [(Ministry of Emergency Situations)]. It may also be done through the owners of the area. We believe that we will be able to finish the [rubble clearing] work by the end of the day," added the deputy minister of emergencies.

According to Hambaryan, the biggest difficulty is the dilapidated condition of the building because there are risks of entering it.

"Large constructions from the building are also hanging, which should be separated in order to try to figure out the adjacent section through video monitoring, although that alone will not be enough," Davit Hambaryan added.