The search and rescue work has resumed as of 8:10am, now we are working to remove the remaining dangerous constructions still hanging from the building. Hovhannes Yemishyan, Deputy Director of Rescue Service of Armenia, told Armenian about this on Friday morning.

"The person being searched for is one person, we also know the approximate place where he can be. Both heavy equipment and rescue equipment are involved in the work. We have to remove several dangerous constructions and carry out the work below them. Besides, the temperature inside is very high. Firefighters periodically put out the fire pits. It is very important that we work observing the safety rules so that we don't have new victims. As long as the missing citizen is not found, the search work will not stop," Yemishyan said.

"This is an extensive work. The injured are actually over sixty; it’s just that they received first aid on the spot. On the day of the incident, people were coming barefoot to help us, as a result of which they were getting injured," the deputy director of the Rescue Service added.