GYUMRI. – Family of Arpenik Ghazaryan, 40, mother of two children, is devoid of social benefit for already four months without any reason.

The woman gave her daughter Sona, 14 to an orphanage house and lives with her 1.5 year-old baby in a half-ruined hut.

Arpenik turned to the Gyumri center and asked to visit their home. When the centre representatives arrived, she was alone with her baby. Moreover, she had no electricity as well for several days. Temperature was -10°C outside, while even the oven was not on. 

Generally children come back from the orphanage house for the weekend. However, Arpenik could not go to bring her daughter as she had no money for the transport. Both children are out of the list of Gyumri city hall, or any international or philanthropic organizations.