WASHINGTON.- Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Executive Director Aram Hamparian offered the following comment on the France Senate passage of the Genocide Law:

“Today’s courageous vote by the French Senate shines the spotlight across the Atlantic, on American policymakers, who, for far too long, have let Ankara block U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide.”

“The growing international pressure on Turkey and, closer to home, the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by 42 U.S. states, highlight that President Obama, who promised as a candidate to recognize the Armenian Genocide, has allowed a foreign country to impose a gag-rule on U.S. recognition of this crime against humanity.”

“We mark this occasion by urging President Obama to honor his pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide and by calling on the U.S. House leadership to allow a vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution,H.Res.304.”

The French Senate adopted bill criminalizing the Armenian Genocide denial after eight-hour debates on Monday.

Last December the French Parliament adopted the bill penalizing denial of genocides, including the Armenian Genocide. The law introduced by MP Valerie Boyer, in case of violation, intends one year of imprisonment and a fine amounting to €45,000.