BRUSSELS. – The European Court of Human Rights’ (ECHR) examination of Dogu Perincek’s—one of the main defendants in Turkey’s Ergenekon case—lawsuit against Switzerland is nearing its end, CNN Turk news agency of Turkey informs from Brussels.  

It is noted that Perincek, whom the Swiss court had found guilty of denying the Armenian Genocide, could be acquitted by the ECHR.

CNN Turk claims that the ECHR will find Dogu Perincek not guilty by bringing the example of the court ruling on the case of Hrant Dink—the founder and former chief editor of Istanbul’s Agos Armenian weekly, who was killed in 2007—whereby ECHR had found Turkey guilty of convicting Dink, with Article 301, for his views expressed concerning 1915.     

During a conference in Switzerland in 2005, the sworn anti-Armenian Dogu Perincek had stated that the Armenian Genocide was a lie of the imperialist powers. Subsequently, a case was launched against him, and as a result he was sentenced to ninety days in prison. But his sentence was commuted to a fine. And Perincek had filed a petition with ECHR against his guilty verdict.