STEPANAKERT. - Without the participation of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) in the negotiation process the conflict will not be settled, Regional Studies Center Director Richard Giragosian announced during the International Scientific Conference on Friday dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the proclamation of NKR independence.

The expert pointed out new threats in the region. First of all he indicated on the arms race initiated by Azerbaijan and the possibility that any time Azerbaijan might decide to settle the conflict by use of force. According to him, it is necessary to enforce arms embargo on Azerbaijan.

As the political scientist mentioned, Armenia does not have a partner in the negotiation process for the NKR conflict. Azerbaijan’s policy is to get everything or nothing and Baku does not want to make any compromises.

As the expert states, Turkey recognizes the failure of its blockade policy as Armenia and NKR survived and now they are trying to settle relations.