Turkish journalist, analyst Erdal Simsek made ridiculous conclusions in his anti-Iranian article published in Turkish Milat daily.

The analyst attempted to show Iran as a potential enemy for both Turkey and Azerbaijan. He brought Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s statement ‘I am the President of 50 million Azeris’ and Iran’s threats following the statement, whereas Turkey and Georgia did not respond it having millions of Azeris in their states.

“Azerbaijan depends on Iran as the land road to get to Nakhijevan passes through this state, and keeps silent to Iran’s threats,” Simsek writes on Iran-Armenia relations and the Karabakh peace process.

There is an alley treaty of non-attack between Armenia and Iran, hence, these two states will be unanimous in giving any counterattack. If Turkey is likely to attack Armenia, Iranian servicemen will fight together with Armenian against Turkey. Iran is a state, which occupied alleged Azerbaijani territories and exploits 80 % of population as slaves. And Iran is an alley with Armenia, which has allegedly occupied ‘part of Azerbaijani territories.’

Among other alleged ‘facts’ are Iranian dictatorship’s developing relations with Armenia and spreading Shia religion in the ‘north Azerbaijan.’ Moreover, Iran has bribed to close Turkish schools in Azerbaijan.

Furthermore, Armenia’s greatest trade partner is Iran.

“When we study the details, we conclude that Nagorno-Karabakh is ‘occupied’ not by the Armenians but by the Iranians,” the article says.