Vallex group conducts exploration in Drmbon-Mahmaninskiy ore region in Nagorno-Karabakh. Experts have conducted three stages of exploration in Mehmaninskiy deposit to refresh the data available back in Soviet times, Vallex group informs Armenian

According to the committee, reserves of lead make 36,800, and those of zinc 28,900 in the deposit. Moreover, ores of the deposit are easy to explore.  

Mehmaninskiy deposit, including several ores, was exploited in Soviet times as well. Elbeksarskiy deposit has from up to 500,000 tons of copper. 

Metskishlaksiy barite-poly-metallic ore has 133,000 tons of barite.

Tsaghkashen ore has reserves of copper of C2 and P1 categories, estimated for 2.4 million of tons, 40,300 tons of molybdenum, 80,700 tons of gold, and 605,300 tons of silver.