Armenian Diasporas all over the world represent an exceptional power, which can achieve enormous results, when acting together, said Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan in the framework of his working visit to Brussels, during the meeting with representatives of Armenian Diaspora of Belgium.

The president stressed, that Armenian Diaspora of Belgium is a bridge, which connects two states and helps to improve bilateral relations between Armenia and Belgium, reports Armenian journalist from Brussels.

Representatives of Belgium Diocese of Armenian Apostolic Church, head of Armenia-Belgium Chamber of Commerce Valeri Safaryan and other renowned Armenians from Brussels, Liege and Antwerp. The representatives of Armenian diaspora expressed their concerns on Azerbaijani anti-Armenian propaganda and asked about Armenia’s reaction.

President Sargsyan noted that Armenia responds to that and stressed, that Armenia is in better position, as any lobbyist has to accept the fact that there are over 50 political prisoners in Azerbaijan and human rights have been severely violated there, which is also mentioned in the reports of international organizations on Azerbaijan.

Another important topic that interested Armenians in Belgium was the fortune of Armenian-Turkish protocols. Serzh Sargsyan told the Armenian Diaspora that the protocols are currently in Turkish parliament.

Presently there are about 25,000 Armenians living in Belgium. The Armenian Diaspora emerged in Belgium in 1915, when Armenians, who suffered the Genocide in Turkey, left Turkey and immigrated all over the world.