YEREVAN. – Armenian capital Yerevan’s “Arax” Poultry Farm is importing frozen chicken from abroad, but it is selling it under local brand name, Zhoghovurd daily writes, referring to the information it received.      

“We applied to the [Armenian] State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition (ASCPEC), to verify this information, where such alarm was already raised. [And] It became apparent that the ASCPEC is currently conducting inspections in the poultry market.     

In its turn, the State Food Safety Service informed that there is no technical capability in Armenia to check and differentiate between the imported frozen chicken and the local frozen chicken. That is, imported chicken could be sold under local production brand.   

We also applied to “Arax’s” owner Khachik Khachatryan—Khachik of Valencia—for clarifications, who yelled in anger: ‘We are not unoccupied to answer to your questions and solve your problems!’, and then he hung up the phone,” Zhoghovurd writes.