YEREVAN. – In connection with the women’s holidays in Armenia, the chiefs of the ruling coalition’s Orinats Yerkir (Rule of Law) Party (RLP) local divisions decided to show good treatment to the Party’s female members, RLP Parliamentary Faction leader Heghine Bisharyan stated during a press conference on Thursday, and in response to the news on distributing fruit jams to the citizens.      

She assured that the fruit jams were handed out solely to the female members of their party. 

And with respect to a journalist’s observation that the jams were also distributed to an entire residential building in the capital Yerevan, Bisharyan noted that in that case the building’s residents are probably RLP members, and, also, she said “bon appétit” to them.    

As Armenian informed earlier, Armenia’s ruling coalition parties continue to give out election bribes, but not in the form of money, rather, through philanthropy, Zhoghovurd daily wrote.     

“According to the information which Zhoghovurd received from the Ararat Region, these days RLP is actively distributing [fruit] jams to the citizens,” Zhoghovurd wrote.