French presidential candidates Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande confirmed their readiness to adopt the law criminalizing the Armenian Genocide denial despite recent decision of the Constitutional Council, they said in an interview with Nouvelles d`Arménie.

Nicolas Sarkozy said he had taken on an obligation and would fulfill it as his duty as a president of the Republic is to protect French citizens who are threatened by the denial.

In another interview his opponent Hollande said that country’s responsibility is to recognize genocides proved by historic studies, for instance the Armenian Genocide. The denial of the genocides is a manifestation of violence which has no place in the Republic, he added.

Hollande stressed that government’s hurry on the genocide bill during campaign is a propaganda stunt.

The bill criminalizing the genocide denials, including the Armenian Genocide, proposed by Valerie Boyer, was adopted by the French National Assembly and ratified by the Senate on Jan. 23.

Later the Constitutional Council of France recognized the bill as non-constitutional.