YEREVAN. – The speeches of the presidents of the conflicting countries show that, just as before, the parties are not ready for compromise, in which case solely a soft settlement of the conflict can be expected.

Analyst Neil MacFarlane told about the aforesaid to168 Zham (Hour) newspaper of Armenia, as he reflected on the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process.

As per the paper, MacFarlane recalled that, speaking from the podium of the UN General Assembly, both the Armenian and the Azerbaijani presidents talked about the matters which they need, but not about the total package of settlement. In his view, it is clear to everyone as to what should be done to resolve the Karabakh conflict, but this is not acceptable for them, the parties.

MacFarlane noted that the long-term uncertainty is maintained in a pacific settlement of this conflict, and added he does not see any new respective process and development.

The analyst noted, however, that the president of Armenia, speaking from the podium of the UN General Assembly, was able to constructively present the issues that are perceived as beneficial for the Armenian side. But MacFarlane added that he observed desperate ups and downs in the Azerbaijani president’s address. According to the analyst, the Azerbaijani side no longer hopes for the return of some territories, and therefore it pins hopes on a solution to this problem through war, which is an unwanted scenario not solely for Armenia and the mediators, but for Azerbaijan itself, which is apparent; and Neil MacFarlane stressed that this is why he is saying “desperate.”