YEREVAN. – The Republic of Armenia (RA) continues preparing for hosting the 17th summit of the heads of states and governments of Francophone countries, according to Zhoghovurd newspaper.

“And now, according to sources, the program has been arranged so that the meetings with RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan—the actual head of the state—are put in the foreground, especially since the most important and mandatory condition during the summit is communication in French.

“Meetings with [Armenian President Armen] Sarkissian will be pushed to the background. Although NA [National Assembly] President Ara Babloyan has an excellent knowledge of that language, everything is done and will be done to minimize the interaction between him and the heads of delegations. Ultimately, Babloyan does not fit in the notion of the new Armenia. The RPA [Republican Party of Armenia] members, who are removed from public administration [in Armenia], continue to stay at the helm of legislative power [in the country],” wrote Zhoghovurd.