YEREVAN. – The statement by PACE co-rapporteurs is objective and impartial. And they should decide in Armenia whether or not it is worrying. It is understandable that Armenia is at the phase of change. And judging from all the statements, European organizations support those reforms, but some forms of their implementation may be unacceptable. German political scientist Uwe Halbach told about this to 168hours newspaper of the Republic of Armenia (RA), as he commented on the PACE assessment regarding the recent events in the country, the paper reported.

“According to him, the timeframe of their [the reforms] implementation may coincide with [some] other events, which may be observed, or a suspicion of pressure may come about.

“And according to Polish analyst Konrad Zasztowt, there are actually no two views on the implementation of the values, programs announced by the RA authorities. But the question, in his view, was in the form of launching the reforms, which [the form] was not so positively perceived by several partners, since the judicial system is one of the key branches of power that should not be constrained in its activities. He considers the PACE co-rapporteurs’ statement a warning to the RA authorities,” 168hours wrote.