YEREVAN. – A few days ago, a closed discussion took place with the participation of the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia (RA) and of some ambassadors, according to Hraparak (Square) newspaper.   

“The topic was the [Armenian] troop sent to Syria, which has been perceived negatively by the US authorities.

“According to our information, a few days ago, the US has again conveyed—with an envoy—dissatisfaction to the RA authorities, and has made it clear that it is having a negative impact on Armenian-American relations.

“The objective of the gathering was to figure out how to get out of that situation and to please the US. We have been told that the solution has been found, but it is not, of course, recalling the troop from Syria, as in this case we will have a problem with Russia.

“The MFA dismissed the fact of the meeting, whereas we even know the discussion details, [but] which we are not making public due to the state interest,” Hraparak wrote.