YEREVAN. – Haykakan Zhamanak newspaper writes: Arman Margaryan, the father of four children who, with their grandmother, had been poisoned by carbon monoxide in Nor Hachn, has already returned to Armenia. Today is the wake of five members of the family, the funeral will be tomorrow. The governor of Kotayk Province, Romanos Petrosyan, informed in a conversation with Haykakan Zhamanak.

The children's father was in Ukraine when he heard about the deaths of five family members. Hurrying to return to Armenia, he violated the Russian migration law while crossing the Russian border from Ukraine, for which he was kept at the airport's special detention facility until a court ruling on the case. The court process was speeded up by the intervention of the Armenian authorities, as a result of which, Arman Margaryan has had the chance to bid his final farewell to his mother and children.