YEREVAN. – Aravot newspaper of Armenia writes: Garegin Baghramyan, Chairman of the Public Services Regulatory Commission, held a yearend press conference. asked him what phase the negotiations [with Russia] are for the [natural] gas tariffs [in Armenia], what trends they predict, what gas tariffs we will have in April.

He replied: “I think at this phase it is still early to predict that we will have a change in April. But in what form and how, I cannot say anything new; who knows. The negotiations are in progress, and they will enter a more active phase in January-February. "

Asked what the developments in the international market show, whether there is a rising trend or maybe a fall in prices, Baghramyan replied: “Let's leave that question. It depends largely on what price we will have at the border, which will be clear in the near future—in January. ”

Mr. Baghramyan also said that the gas talks with Iran are quite active. “Of course, the Iranian side is a complicated negotiating company. Those negotiations are actively going on today (…).”