YEREVAN. – Hayastani Hanrapetutyun (HH) newspaper of Armenia writes: The Government of Armenia is not only revising, but completely changing the disability assessment system. What does it mean and how much will it change or facilitate the process of people with disabilities feeling full members [of the country’s society]? At the request of HH, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Gemafin Gasparyan explains.

“There are currently three categories of disability, as well as status of a disabled child (...). The disability category requires some health insurance and a 25,500-dram [monthly] pension.

It is not a benefit or social allowance, but is provided for overcoming functional limitations. According to our observations, this type of assistance does not personalize the needs of people with disabilities and does not provide for their social inclusion and the process of overcoming functional limitations,” Gemafin Gasparyan said.

According to him, the new system excludes the existence of medical-social expert committees [to assess disabilities], and will carry out a functional evaluation, with golden world standards, by multi-professional committees. As a result of the evaluation, personalized services will be developed whereby people with disabilities will be able to overcome their functional limitations. The new system will be aimed at the assessment of individual needs.