YEREVAN. – Past daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: After the live discussion between Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Justice Minister Rustam Badasyan yesterday, experts’ circles and other circles of the society came to the conclusion that it seems that the idea of holding a vetting in the judicial sphere announced by Pashinyan about a year ago and implementing transitional justice in the RA died before it was born.

Badasyan presented to Pashinyan [the fact] that carrying out vetting in the judicial sphere is not such an effective measure and contains serious risks.

In this regard, however, new details have become known to the newspaper. Accordingly, the authorities have abandoned the idea of a comprehensive vetting, not on their own initiative, but after the tough viewpoints received from "outside."

According to the newspaper's source, about a month ago, a special professional committee of the Venice Commission sent a report to the Armenian authorities—with rather harsh assessments, in which it was clearly stated what consequences the so-called "vetting" will have on the international rating and judicial sphere of the RA, emphasizing the specific targets and separate provisions.

Almost in parallel with the assessment of the Venice Commission, according to the same source, a similar assessment was made by the PACE and the European Commission, making open insinuations to the Armenian authorities and suggesting dealing with "more serious and constructive matters."