YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd newspaper of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: Azerbaijan will transfer money to Armenia, through a mediated way, for conducting a flight by air routes of Armenia.

Zhoghovurd daily had sent an inquiry to the Civil Aviation Committee to find out how much money the Azerbaijani AZAL airline transferred to the Armenian side for the October 6 flight it conducted over RA airspace. In response to our inquiry, the committee sent a reply reminiscent of Chinese hieroglyphs.

It turns out that according to the international multilateral agreement—under which Armenia has also signed—on the use of air routes, the states do not transfer money directly to each other, but in a mediated way to use each other's air routes.

Various airlines of all countries send flight applications, and then the [respective] money to the Eurocontrol company in Brussels, which determines the amount of money to use the air route. After conducting the flight, the airline transfers the money to the above-mentioned Belgian company within 2-3 months. And Eurocontrol, in turn, sends it to the country whose air route was used by the airline.

That is, the Azerbaijani [aforesaid] airline will transfer the money to Armenia in a mediated way—through Eurocontrol. The specialists of the [aviation] sector noted in a conversation with us that this amount is not a large number; they pay about 1 [US] dollar for 1 km of air route. That is, the Azerbaijani [aforementioned] airline will transfer an amount of about 200 dollars for the use of the RA airspace.