YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: Today the NA [(National Assembly)] Standing Committee on Defense and Security will convene a regular sitting on the issue of electing the deputy chair of the committee again. This time, as well as the previous 13 times, the opposition will nominate Artur Ghazinyan [to this position].

There are other matters as well on the agenda (…).

In a conversation with us, Artur Ghazinyan said that he will attend the sitting, but not the discussion of his matter. Most likely he will not be in the hall during his matter.

By the way, this time the [opposition] "Armenia" Faction has specified in its [respective] writing that the candidate [by the parliamentary opposition] remains unchanged until the committee makes a corresponding decision on it. Tigran Abrahamyan, an MP of the [opposition] "With Honor" Faction, also has joined it.