YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: Crimes with the open use of weapons have increased [in Armenia] in 2021.

There are numerous examples (…).

Sadly, all these scandalous murders have not been fully solved. Where is the police failure or omission [in this]? Why were the murders not prevented, pre-prevented in time? This is how RA Deputy Chief of Police Ara Fidanyan responds to these questions:

"An important circumstance must be recorded: We have just shaken off the war situation, and from a criminological point of view, it is clear that the circulation of illegal weapons should have increased in the Republic of Armenia. And the certain increase in the number of murders [in Armenia] is mainly due to this. Let me note that this number is quite small, and in fact, necessary measures are being taken to prevent, solve crimes."

To the clarifying question as to whether he does not rule out that the weapons have reached the citizens from the battlefield, too, the deputy chief of police gives an affirmative response. "I do not rule it out, and there are many such cases, and the necessary preventive measures are taken regularly."