YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: Although the [ruling] CC [(Civil Contract Party)] MPs have been publicly mocking the opposition, ridiculing the struggle (…) on [PM Nikol] Pashinyan's order for 2 days now, our CC sources say that this carefree situation and external calm just seem to be.

Although Pashinyan has reassured them that the police will completely suppress the movement in the coming days, arrest the activists and organizers, and that everything will be extinguished in a few days, the cautious members of the [CC] faction [in the National Assembly (NA)] have smelled a change of power [in Armenia] and decided to go underground for the time being.

It is also due to those fears that the gates of the NA were being welded yesterday. These are the gates that Nikol Pashinyan opened to the public when he came to power, announcing that the NA garden should become a public promenade.