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YEREVAN. – The campaign season for the upcoming parliamentary election in Armenia kicked off on March 5, and it will continue for about one month, according to 168 Zham (Hour) newspaper.

“By the first two days’ impression, the election campaign seems to promise to be eventful—or, it would be better to say, colorful. So far, this—of course—is expressed more with advertising displays, various effects, rather than content.

“The first two days of the campaign once again showed the reality that the upcoming elections will be a battle of money, and more money. The election videos, posters, and other paraphernalia are the evidence of this, with their luxuriousness and modesty.


“But it will become clear in the coming days whether the political forces [in Armenia] will be able to pass from form to content. Or, will solely the colorful advertising remain from the entire election campaign?” wrote 168 Zham.

The parliamentary election in Armenia will be conducted on April 2.

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