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YEREVAN. – Russia is demonstratively refusing from taking some actions and decisions in the Nagorno-Karabakh [(Artsakh)] peace process without the other OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs [i.e. the US and France], Russian international law expert Denis Dvornikov told 168 Zham (Hour) newspaper of Armenia.

As per Dvornikov, the events in April 2016—when Azerbaijan had unleashed a large-scale military aggression against Karabakh—have unleashed the hands of Yerevan.

“A good opportunity was created for resuming the negotiation process, joining the NKR [i.e. Nagorno-Karabakh Republic] representatives to it, as well,” he added. “[But] this opportunity was missed for some reason.”

And speaking about Armenian Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan’s recent statement with respect to making use of the Iskander missile system, Dvornikov said: “The statement was a serious warning to the ruling regime of Baku. This was done for one objective: not to permit new actions of large-scale aggression. Unfortunately, Azerbaijan itself drives to such a statement.

“As for the actions of Azerbaijan, they are quite predictable. Each event, which once again confirms that Artsakh is an effective and complete state, causes aggression. It is necessary to show on location that the conflict is not resolved. And the NKR Defense Army showed that it is ready for such ‘traditional’ attacks.”

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