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YEREVAN. – The “battle” as to who will be Armenia’s de facto head of state—the Prime Minister—after April 2018 under a parliamentary system, continues within the ruling authorities, according to Zhoghovurd (People) newspaper. 

“This fact appeared also yesterday [Tuesday] when, speaking to reporters, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan reflected on the topic of the [respective] competition between him and [President] Serzh Sargsyan. [But] he stated that they were from the same team.

“But there is no doubt that Serzh Sargsyan truly wants to continue to rule as Prime Minister, after the conclusion of his presidential powers.

“It is another thing that Karen Karapetyan does not wish to see all this, or pretends not to see, [but] at the same time, forcing Serzh Sargsyan to more drastic actions, and making it understood that he, in turn, is not going to give in,” wrote Zhoghovurd.

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