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YEREVAN. – US Ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills clarified that $8bn worth investments can be made in Armenia when the country’s electricity market will be completely free, and it will be possible to export electricity from Armenia to Georgia and Iran, according to Irates (Realistic) newspaper.

“The presidents change, [but] the policy does not change in the US. The superpower has priorities, and it is faithful to its policy. 

“Armenia, which lives on loans, actually considers the $8bn investment as unnecessary.

“Richard Mills actually wants for the [Russian] monopoly to end in Armenia’s energy market.

“And [what about Russian Federation (RF)] Gazprom [company]? There was no sense in Washington offering Yerevan a project which Moscow was to reject. There could be US-RF energy cooperation (…) at the basis of the ambassador’s statement.

“Who knows? Perhaps solely [Armenia’s Prime Minister] Karen Karapetyan, who received both Richard Mills and [Gazprom board chairman] Alexey Miller, and who went to [Georgia’s capital city of] Tbilisi, and promised to go to [Iran’s capital city of] Tehran. But he will not say anything,” wrote Irates.

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