September 19
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YEREVAN. – They say by chairing Thursday’s Cabinet meeting, President—and ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) Chairman—Serzh Sargsyan laid a foundation for a new political cycle in the country, according to Irates (Realistic) newspaper.

“He did not open the playing cards again, did not say clearly who will be in the post of prime minister in 2018, [and] spoke with allusions.

“They also say that although the president expressed full confidence in the [incumbent] prime minister [Karen Karapetyan] at the moment, this does not mean that the playing cards will have the same layout in decisive 2018 [when Sargsyan’s presidential term in office will end].

“Those at the RPA do not rule out that an objective is pursued at this moment to weaken the vigilance of the prime minister,” wrote Irates.

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