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Aleksan Arakelyan, the nephew of Lieutenant Colonel Aleksan (Alik) Arakelyan, who heroically fell at the battles in Jebrail on April 2, 2016, was born on June 17 in Gyumri, Armenia, according to Haykakan Zhamanak (Armenian Times) newspaper 

At his parents’ wish, their firstborn will bear the name of his hero uncle.

“We had no right to put any other name on this little one; little Alik was born,” the lieutenant colonel’s father, Gevorg Arakelyan, told “The name selection was the wish of our family members. This name is a very precious name for all of us. Having martyred hero Alik in the four-day war [i.e. which Azerbaijan unleashed in April 2016], we had no right not to keep this name. Now, my wishes are that this little one grows up and becomes a person worthy of his name, as was hero Alik Arakelyan.”

Relatives say little Alik’s features are somewhat reminiscent of hero Alik.

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