September 23
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YEREVAN. – Aravot (Morning) newspaper of Armenia spoke with political analyst Gela Vasadze of the Institute of Strategic Studies of the Caucasus.

“When Moscow began to interfere in the electoral processes, especially in the US elections, it became clear that they have passed the point of no return. (…). As a result, we got into a Cold War-like situation.

“As for Armenia’s participation in the NATO military exercises [in Georgia] in this situation, I do not know what explanations the Armenian authorities will give to their Russian counterparts about all this. But whatever that explanation will be, it is clear that it will be a formality.

“Yerevan realizes that too many eggs are put in one basket. Everything would have been normal if this basket would not have become more and more unsafe, day by day. I believe considering the current situation, the logic of the Armenian authorities’ actions is quite understandable. [But] it is another question as to whether the political will suffice, and what will happen in the end,” Vasadze said, in particular.

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