December 17
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YEREVAN. – “This is [Armenian President] Serzh Sargsyan’s response to [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan. Serge Sargsyan makes it understood in what format and how the upcoming talks shall proceed, [and] that there is no other option about which the Azerbaijani side is dreaming. And this position sounds more justified and defended today, since it has the support of both Russia and the United States. Prior to that meeting, Serge Sargsyan makes it understood that he is against both those conversations and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict’s discussion in that format.”

Russian political analyst Stanislav Tarasov told the aforesaid to 168 Zham (Hour) newspaper of the Republic of Armenia (RA), as he commented on President Sargsyan’s reflection on this conflict.

“In his turn, German political scientist Uwe Halbach said that, in all likelihood, encouraged by the American support, the Armenian side, in the person of the RA President, tried to remind the Azerbaijani side about those arrangements.

‘“But the process over those agreements has failed,’ said Halbach. ‘I believe it will fail in the future, too, and these statements will remain within the framework of rhetoric,’” wrote 168 Zham.

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