December 16
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YEREVAN. – Conversations about separate plans by Russia and Azerbaijan happen constantly, since Azerbaijan has a wish to drag Russia into such plans. This is the very reason that the Azerbaijani side does not wish to continue the traditional [Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) peace] talks in the OSCE MG [Minsk Group] format.

“However, there are no such separate plans. Moreover, there are no grounds for the settlement [of the Karabakh conflict], since Karabakh, without which it is not possible to negotiate on serious matters, is left out of the negotiations.”

Russian politician Konstantin Zatulin told this to 168 Zham (Hour) newspaper of Armenia, speaking about Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s forthcoming visit to the region, and the circulating theories regarding its agenda.

“According to him [Zatulin], a big mistake was made at the time in the negotiation process. [And] as a consequence of that mistake, the process of conflict settlement has become extremely complicated today. So, in Zatulin’s words, those talks—without Artsakh—will solely be about the situation on the [Karabakh-Azerbaijan] line of contact, and they will not permit so that the situation goes beyond control,” wrote 168 Zham.

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