November 21
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YEREVAN. – A person, who recently applied to the US Embassy in Yerevan, the capital city of the Republic of Armenia (RA), had a remarkable story, according to Hraparak (Square) newspaper.

“It turns out that Russian citizens form a large number among those that have applied to the embassy for getting a [US] visa.

“In connection with strained Russian-American relations and the US embassy in the RF [Russian Federation] not operating, departure to the US had become a difficult task for Russian citizens. The American authorities had recommended RF citizens to apply to US consular services in other countries to get a visa. And the RF citizens have begun to make use of the services of the American embassy in Armenia.

“Moreover, our interlocutor was telling that the US consulate [in Armenia] refuses to grant a visa to many of the RA citizens, whereas Russian citizens are getting [US visas] virtually en masse,” wrote Hraparak.

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