February 15
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YEREVAN. – The recent inflation in the gasoline, diesel fuel, and compressed natural gas market in Armenia may cause a rise in the prices of a range of products in the country, according to Zhoghovurd (People) newspaper.

“Ivan Mosoyan, the owner of the (…) company which is engaged in flour and confectionery production, noted that, in the near future, the price hike in diesel fuel and compressed [natural] gas may leave its negative consequences on confectionery prices [in Armenia].

‘“Confectionery delivery is carried out primarily by transport, and that transport works on diesel fuel. We haven’t raised the price of confectionary yet, but we already sense that we will soon work with a loss,’ he said adding that they soon will sum up the indicators for the month of January, and make a decision.

“Experts say several other businesses [in Armenia] also are faced with the same problem. And they, too, will gradually begin to raise the prices of their product—if not in the coming days, then at least in the coming months,” wrote Zhoghovurd.

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