January 16
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YEREVAN. – “The expert community reflected on all arguments, except, perhaps, the main reasons,” a diplomat told Hraparak (Square) newspaper of Armenia, regarding the forthcoming snap presidential election in Azerbaijan. “We should take into consideration the recent days’ Turkish-American tension in [Syria’s] Afrin [district], related to the Kurdish issue. For [Azerbaijan President Ilham] Aliyev, such tensions can be a force majeure because is not known where the parties will reach until, and what they will agree upon. 

“The next substantial circumstance also should be recorded. Azerbaijan promised to Europe to release political prisoners—about 100 people—in May. The point is that Aliyev wishes to sign a neighborhood agreement with EU by the year’s end, and to get from this chapter the EU ‘bonuses’-praise that Azerbaijan is ‘becoming’ a ‘democratic’ country, at the same time also getting the EU-American assistance on his way to khanate for the fourth time.”

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