December 18
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YEREVAN. – Even though the Armenian parliamentary delegation that visited Israel has announced that Israeli Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein will come to Armenia, the sources of Hraparak (Square) newspaper say the visit is under a doubt.  

Edelstein will come to Armenia on the occasion of the centennials of the proclamation of the First Republic of Armenia and of the Heroic Battles of May, but in September.

“Both the [Armenian] genocide and the Knesset chairman’s visit is of geopolitical importance to the Israeli side,” said the source of Hraparak. “The once again raising of the genocide matter by the Knesset’s opposition force (…) was a message from Israel addressed to Turkey, which is ‘stuck’ in [Syria’s] Afrin.

“The next is the corruption scandal linked to [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu; it is unknown how it will end. The head of the [Israeli political] force raising the matter of [Armenia] genocide is among the likely candidates for Prime Minister.”

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